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I purchased several GetStreakFree cloths at Miami International Boat Show last winter. Today, I wouldn’t be without them. They are amazing, there really are no streaks. I use them on mirrors, windows, granite, glass stove tops, etc., and there are no streaks.

Mary Jo

Thank you so much for the MagiKloth . I placed an order on line after hearing about them from a friend up north. I LOVE them. Usually I buy cloth diapers for cleaning. Not anymore. I have shared my MagiKloths with so many friends and family who also love them I’ll be placing another order soon. Thank You.

Connie F.

You have absolutely the best product! Please do NOT let any one change a thing. 🙂

Thank you for the e-mail. Planned on ordering but with your notice of an increase, I moved a lot faster!


Your magikloths are a hit with all who clean. Thanks for a great product.

Bill F.

….. I have been married for 50 years and have never seen a cleaning product like yours. I just love it. My only problem is that I forget that I threw the cloth in the washer with my load and I fail to pull it out before putting the stuff in the dryer with a dryer fluffer – so the cloth seems to lose its effectivness. Consequently, I must use a new one. But the cost is worth it – a big time savings over all those window and mirror cleaners. It’s the only thing my husband will use on his car windows these days too. Send me the baker’s dozen – and don’t forget the free cloth.

Ellie W.

Just to tell you – MagiKloth is the best thing I EVER used. Thanks!

Roberta L.

They work really well & the cleaning ladies love them!

Doloris C.

I love my MagiKloth and have shared them with friends. My neighbor gave me my first magikloth 4 years ago. I’ve been ordering my magikloth online. I live by the ocean and am amazed at how well the cloth cleans the salt off my car and house windows. I use it on everything!!!

Karen B.

I bought several Magikloth at the Southern Women’s Show on Thursday not knowing if they would be something that I would use. Can I say that the kloth is fantastic, wonderful, amazing!!!! I love them. Now I must buy more so I can have one in each of the rooms in which I have glass mirrors or a glass tabletop or picture frames or windows, etc. etc. I cannot ever remember being so excited about a cleaning product …….. I intend to give several of these to my children who will love them.

Sylvia M.

I just purchased these clothes from the Tampa Bay Florida Car Show, they work fantastic. I have used nothing better to leave a streak free shine on all my New BMW Car Windows. I will recommend them to everyone.