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I bought 2 magikloth at the Orlando home show. I love these cloths they are fantastic. I have used every available product on the market to prevent streaking when cleaning mirrors and windows and this product is superior to all of them. I could hardly believe it, just clean with water and the cloth. I just ordered a bakers dozen on line and can’t wait to get them.

Donna H.

I bought my cloth online after my mom told me about them and came to our house cleaning with it. It is the best cloth I have ever used…Our mirrors look brand new and I have never seen my counters look so clean!! I am not even kidding. I was so impressed that I had to spread the word. Literally am mind blown at such a product. COngrats to discovering a clean freaks dream.

Melissa L.

I love my MagiKloth and have shared them with friends. My neighbor gave me my first magikloth 4 years ago. I’ve been ordering my magikloth online. I live by the ocean and am amazed at how well the cloth cleans the salt off my car and house windows. I use it on everything!!!

Karen B.

My windows never looked better thanks.

Virginia S.

What a wonder and my first one was a gift. My glass table and granite tops that never look right are looking beautiful. I am ordering 9 more for car, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Thank you for making my life easier.

Kathleen O.

Excellent product. My husband is so impressed that he is now cleaning the windows and shower doors!!!! It is magik!

Sharlyne F.

I bought several Magikloth at the Southern Women’s Show on Thursday not knowing if they would be something that I would use. Can I say that the kloth is fantastic, wonderful, amazing!!!! I love them. Now I must buy more so I can have one in each of the rooms in which I have glass mirrors or a glass tabletop or picture frames or windows, etc. etc. I cannot ever remember being so excited about a cleaning product …….. I intend to give several of these to my children who will love them.

Sylvia M.

I am so excited about this microfiber cloth, that while telling my daughter about it, her comment was “Mom you should be selling this product”. I purchased my first two cloths at the Tampa Car Show. I have several mirrors, and a lot of glass table tops in my home. Living in Florida you get a film on everything from salt air. These cloths have made my cleaning so seasy I am ordering more for myself and some for family and friends that I want to try it.

Vilolet F.

Hi there, I bought six of your clothes at the Jax. Patio and Home Show. WOW, is all I have to say. It is great on granite, really dirty windows and my gas on glass cook-top! Even without water it works great on the windows and granite. I am buying some to share with my family. They are really wonderful. I am excited to find out you have colors. My first ones were all white which leaves room for them to get confused with paper towels and thrown away by my innocent husband trying to help me out!!!!!! Great product!

Trudy C.

Thank you for re-sending my order. I have already started using these cloths and they work beautifully, especially on mirrors and windows! Thank you for sharing such an excellent product!

Lynne L.