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I am very particular about my truck’s windshield and now I have finally found a product that I’m very happy with. In fact, I use it from bumper to bumper.

John W.

I love the magikloths! I no longer use windex or any other product to clean glass. The magikloths work just wonderfully well. I am glad I discovered your product several years ago when you were at the Orlando Home and Garden Show.

Sylvia M.

I bought the Magikloths at the Southern Women’s Show in Orlando and LOVE them!!! I’ve got to have more!

Debbe C.

Thanks, I was given one by my cousin and they are wonderful.

Regina G.

My Mom gave me a 2 pack of the GetStreakFree cloths. …they are AWESOME! I used them on our minivan and my son asked if I “de-tinted” the windows. My house keeper used one today and loves them, too. … it’s hard to believe that they are so easy to use.

Heidi K.

This is the third time I am ordering these wonderful cloths! Each time I give one to a friend or coworker, they pass the word to someone else and they want to try them also. What a “magic cloth” to only have to use water and no chemicals to clean!

Faye M.

I bought several Magikloth at the Southern Women’s Show on Thursday not knowing if they would be something that I would use. Can I say that the kloth is fantastic, wonderful, amazing!!!! I love them. Now I must buy more so I can have one in each of the rooms in which I have glass mirrors or a glass tabletop or picture frames or windows, etc. etc. I cannot ever remember being so excited about a cleaning product …….. I intend to give several of these to my children who will love them.

Sylvia M.

I purchased several GetStreakFree cloths at Miami International Boat Show last winter. Today, I wouldn’t be without them. They are amazing, there really are no streaks. I use them on mirrors, windows, granite, glass stove tops, etc., and there are no streaks.

Mary Jo

Thank you for re-sending my order. I have already started using these cloths and they work beautifully, especially on mirrors and windows! Thank you for sharing such an excellent product!

Lynne L.

My windows never looked better thanks.

Virginia S.