Our Happy Customers

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I am so happy with my MagiKloths that I am giving them for Christmas gifts. I have been using them on my 18 year old car and it shines like new!

Fran D.

I just love your cloths – never have our house and car windows been so streak free. Also the glass top tables and mirrors.

Eleanor W.

I bought one of your cloths several years ago at a home show. LOVE using it. Thank goodness I saved the packaging. My coveted cloth finally went missing. These things last forever and really do a great job. What a positive impact on the environment.

Judy G.

Thanks, I was given one by my cousin and they are wonderful.

Regina G.

I want to say yahoo!! What a cleaning aid. I ordered 13 cloths and gave one to each of our children plus to my sister and sister-in-law. Everyone was impressed as I was. It does a wonderful job with only water. My sister was so impressed she asked me to order 13 cloths for her which I will do as soon as I sign off.

Faye M.

Your magikloths are a hit with all who clean. Thanks for a great product.

Bill F.

I bought three Magikloths at the Home Show in Tampa, Florida. I can’t believe how wonderfully they work, especially on mirrors, windows, electronics, etc. I plan to buy more and give them as gifts. I am so excited for having found this product.

Kathleen D

I got a free cloth from my son in law – just loved it. Ordered a couple of them 2 months ago. Am ordering more now. Your cloths are the greatest things ever…. Greatest thing ever on car windows.

Eleanor W.

Thank you for the opportunity to purchase these. I am really pleased with this product. It is so wonderful to use on shiny surfaces because of No Streak no lint. I like it for all cleaning jobs. You must be proud of this product.

Kathryn O.

These MagiKloths are absolutely amazing…I’ve never had any product ever that left my mirrors and windows streak and lint free! My sister-in-law raved about these cloths and gave me one as a gift. I will be spreading the word!

Dale A.