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Many thanks for not only completing our order of 9 MagiKloths, but for the additional one as well. As we’ve expressed before, we love your product, and are sharing them around with others so they can experience the magic of them!

Kurt S.

Thanks, I was given one by my cousin and they are wonderful.

Regina G.

Just to tell you – MagiKloth is the best thing I EVER used. Thanks!

Roberta L.

Your magikloths are a hit with all who clean. Thanks for a great product.

Bill F.

I love the magikloths! I no longer use windex or any other product to clean glass. The magikloths work just wonderfully well. I am glad I discovered your product several years ago when you were at the Orlando Home and Garden Show.

Sylvia M.

Friend of mine told me about Magikloth. So I thought I give it a try. I’m so so glad I did. I’m cleaning houses for a living, with Magikloth I cut the cleaning time in half! So thank you so much! I’m telling all my friends about this. Can’t wait to get more.

Andrea D.

Thank you so much for your rapid reply. I am looking forward to my order so I can share them with friends. I am in the funeral business and have a fleet of cars that need to be cleaned everyday before going out on funerals. I was given a MagiKloth from a neighbor who noticed me cleaning the cars everyday and thought I might enjoy using it. I have tried so many different products over the years with all kinds of promises of working miracles that I really didn’t put much faith in her thoughtful gift, if fact I let it set around for several days before giving it a try. I have one word for the way it works, WOW! I don’t think I have ever used anything quite like this before, it’s nothing short of Magic. I can clean the windows and anything else on the cars with absolutely no streaks or water spots. I am now a believer and can’t wait to share the MagiKloth with others when they arrive.( I won’t give up my cloth until the new ones get here!!) Thanks for a great product that actually works like the ad says it will.

Fred O.

I bought the MagiKloth just partly believing the demo. Well, I found out it is the most wonderful cleaning product I have ever purchased for any price. I thought $5 per “rag” was a little expensive but now I think it was cheap! Thanks for the wonderful product. I will be buying more in the near future.

Sherrie S.

Your cloths are great! My neighbor gave me one as a gift. I thought no way is this going to work and boy was I surprised! I took off dog snot and paw prints off the sliding back door with no effort. I also used it to clean the inside of my car windows and now I can see out of them. So easy to use and no lint or streaks were left behind. It is a great product. I live in Illinois and never have heard of your product. Now that I know about it is all I am ever going to need to clean! Thanks! I am going to post this on my face book to let everyone I know about this product.

DeAnn M.

I purchased 6 of the cloths at the Tampa Bay International Auto show, and all I can say is WOW. At first I was a bit skeptical that a cloth could clean such a variety of products without any harsh cleaners or any cleaners for that matter. But after I got it home and tested it out, my opinion totally changed. These cloths clean better than products that are pricier and more dangerous and are a breeze to use and clean. Thank you so much for your GetStreakFree Cloths!

Jasmina T.