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Hi, Just got my magikloth in the mail, yesterday. Never had so much fun cleaning. I have very large windows that also streaked. Not with Magikloth. Never could get my black refrig or black stove clean without streaking. No streaks with magikloth. Could not believe it. What a wonder.

Jean R

Hello. I bought 6 of your cloths at the Dayton Hamvention. At first I was skeptical, but not now! Although just using them a week, I’m sold! Here’s how I use them: In the bathroom, wiping down the shower after showering, cleaning the film off my car windows. Keeping a cloth in each car, and all I need is a water source! Glass top on the stove! Does a great job on the kitchen counters & table. Did the mirrors in the house too! Big difference with just water! Thanks!

Phil R.

Friend of mine told me about Magikloth. So I thought I give it a try. I’m so so glad I did. I’m cleaning houses for a living, with Magikloth I cut the cleaning time in half! So thank you so much! I’m telling all my friends about this. Can’t wait to get more.

Andrea D.

I purchased 6 of the cloths at the Tampa Bay International Auto show, and all I can say is WOW. At first I was a bit skeptical that a cloth could clean such a variety of products without any harsh cleaners or any cleaners for that matter. But after I got it home and tested it out, my opinion totally changed. These cloths clean better than products that are pricier and more dangerous and are a breeze to use and clean. Thank you so much for your GetStreakFree Cloths!

Jasmina T.

You have absolutely the best product! Please do NOT let any one change a thing. 🙂

Thank you for the e-mail. Planned on ordering but with your notice of an increase, I moved a lot faster!


I love my MagiKloths. I have bought them a number of times at home shows and recommended them to my friends.

Frances D.

Thanks, I was given one by my cousin and they are wonderful.

Regina G.

….. I have been married for 50 years and have never seen a cleaning product like yours. I just love it. My only problem is that I forget that I threw the cloth in the washer with my load and I fail to pull it out before putting the stuff in the dryer with a dryer fluffer – so the cloth seems to lose its effectivness. Consequently, I must use a new one. But the cost is worth it – a big time savings over all those window and mirror cleaners. It’s the only thing my husband will use on his car windows these days too. Send me the baker’s dozen – and don’t forget the free cloth.

Ellie W.

A friend of mine gave me my first magikloth 2 yrs ago and I’ve been using them ever since. I clean houses for a living and they are such a time saver and leave stainless appliances spotless.

Brenda N.

I was given one of these cloths by a friend who told me how wonderful they are. Well……….the first thing I tried was a window, I figured there was no way this wasn’t going to leave streaks. Was I ever wrong, it dried perfectly, I was hooked and have just put in my order. I know my hubbie is going to love these for the car.

Carol A.