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My windows never looked better thanks.

Virginia S.

We live in The Villages in Florida. About 2 weeks ago my neighbor and I were on our daily walk and noticed stands and many people milling around. We had no money with us, but we were curious and checked things out. One of the last stands had these MagiKloths and the seller demonstrated how well they work, we were impressed, but had no money to buy. The nice gentleman gave us a sample with information on where to get them. I tried my sample as soon as I got home and didn’t stop until all the glass on my furniture were sparkling. The next day I ordered 20 16×16 clothes from Anatar Schubert and received them already. I wish I had known about these MagiKloths years ago. Thank you for a great product.

Renate B.

Thank you for your quick reply ……. I love your product and will be recommending it to my friends and will be purchasing more. I have always used microfiber cloths and thought they did a good job but this MagiKloth got my windows much clearer than anything I have ever seen.

Orneida B.

Hi, Just got my magikloth in the mail, yesterday. Never had so much fun cleaning. I have very large windows that also streaked. Not with Magikloth. Never could get my black refrig or black stove clean without streaking. No streaks with magikloth. Could not believe it. What a wonder.

Jean R

This is the third time I am ordering these wonderful cloths! Each time I give one to a friend or coworker, they pass the word to someone else and they want to try them also. What a “magic cloth” to only have to use water and no chemicals to clean!

Faye M.

Friend of mine told me about Magikloth. So I thought I give it a try. I’m so so glad I did. I’m cleaning houses for a living, with Magikloth I cut the cleaning time in half! So thank you so much! I’m telling all my friends about this. Can’t wait to get more.

Andrea D.

I love the magikloths! I no longer use windex or any other product to clean glass. The magikloths work just wonderfully well. I am glad I discovered your product several years ago when you were at the Orlando Home and Garden Show.

Sylvia M.

I purchased 6 of the cloths at the Tampa Bay International Auto show, and all I can say is WOW. At first I was a bit skeptical that a cloth could clean such a variety of products without any harsh cleaners or any cleaners for that matter. But after I got it home and tested it out, my opinion totally changed. These cloths clean better than products that are pricier and more dangerous and are a breeze to use and clean. Thank you so much for your GetStreakFree Cloths!

Jasmina T.

I got a free cloth from my son in law – just loved it. Ordered a couple of them 2 months ago. Am ordering more now. Your cloths are the greatest things ever…. Greatest thing ever on car windows.

Eleanor W.

Excellent product. My husband is so impressed that he is now cleaning the windows and shower doors!!!! It is magik!

Sharlyne F.